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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  August 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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damage, he will assess the damage shortly. over 30,000 people rescued since the flooding last friday. they signed up for federal assistance from fema, thousands are without power, 100 plus degree heat. i will update you tonight at 6:00 pm on making money but here is trish reagan. trish: we will go to jay johnson as soon as he begins speaking, a really tough situation in louisiana with so many people dislocated. we will cover that this hour but happening today hillary clinton on the defense meeting with law enforcement leaders in new york amid donald trump's direct appeal, the only law and order candidate, trump slamming mrs. clinton and president obama for their politically correct war on isis as he offers details on his plan to combat islamic terrorism. is it enough to help him?
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i am trish reagan. here is mister trump, watching here? >> general flynn and other generals, these are great people. if you were -- they are fighting a politically correct war. if you were given your head, go in and get them out, how long would it take? they are telling me they could do the job very very rapidly. trish: donald trump speaking in milwaukee. last night on kennedy's show. hillary clinton meeting with law enforcement officers in new york, 24 hours we should point out after donald trump did that. is she trying to play catch-up? peter king was at the meeting with trump, he is here and will tell us what the republican nominee is most focused on when it comes to keeping each and every one of a safe. new development in the secret, $400 million cash payment the
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us-made to iran. the us did in fact only release the money once the hostages are released. one of the hostages revealed exclusively to me that iran told him this was contingent on the movements of a second plane. why is it president obama keeps insisting this would not ransom? we aren it. hillary clinton blasting donald trump's plan for wanting to get rid of the death tax saying it will only help the wealthy. what mrs. clinton is forgetting, wealthy already avoid this thing by hiring the best lawyers and accountants they can. you know who can't? the little guy who by the way has already been taxed on the income. we have a primer from mrs. clinton on why double taxation is un-american, doesn't work. back to politics, donald trump staying on message is the candidate who can defeat isis
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and terrorism in a town hollering on fox news, trump want more terror attacks could take place. >> we could be nice about it and say it will never happen again and what we are doing by allowing thousands, tens of thousands of people that we don't know anything about, it is going to happen again because there is something wrong. until we figure it out, we have to stop it. trish: he went on to hit president obama and mrs. clinton on failed poli libya and syria and think about it, 5 years ago today president obama and hillary clinton came out and basically vowed to remove syrian president assad and that hasn't happened. >> this morning president obama called on assad to step aside and announce the strongest set of sanctions to date targeting
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the syrian government. these sanctions include the energy sector to increase pressure on the regime. the transition to democracy in syria has begun and it is time for assad to get out of the way. trish: that was 2011. five years ago today, and assad is sti in power and the results have been extraordinarily tragic. the obama administration has a dismal record when it comes to terror. democracy for america, good to see both you guys. this election in recent weeks has become donald trump is crazy and you can't trust him to hold the oval office, the shift is
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back to the roots of why people are frustrated with the political system as we currently have it and has to do with lack of follow-through from this administration when it comes to the economy or national security. is this a referendum, will it be a ferendum on president obama and hillary clinton? >> of donald trump could win the election it is a referendum on president obama's policies and hillary clinton's character and record of scandal, donald trump has been on message when talking about national security, terrorism and safety and america first he is doing what he needs to do. if he can pick up the ball and run with it for 82 days he can do it himself out of the hole he has created. trish: we haven't seen any massive blunders but people say
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will it last? >> that is the operative question. at the end of the day we have two days on message from donald trump, we will see if we can stretch to a full week but when worried whether your campaign can keep the message for two days we have a real problem. trish: don't want to sell them short. if i were looking at this as a clinton campaign manager i would always be running scared. it is march to do that but you don't know what could happen and i say this in part because anecdotally, they will say people were afraid to say they were supporting donald trump, afraid to tell their friends and this is viewing the poll results. what do you think?
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>> i am a little scared because trump could find his mojo and is on safe ground when talking about national security because of the obama clinton disregard for the dangers isis and radical islamic terror pose to american interests abroad and is real and the us homeland, one of the things you have to worry about his to certain circumstances pop up? is trump able to keep his mojo? you will know because it will reach the suburban effluent voter in montgomery county, pennsylvania or the suburbs of ohio and if he makes inroads with them he will be the 45th president of the united states. trish: can he went on the suburban voter alone? many keep pointing to the lack of diversity among student voter base, don't have enough blacks? >> there is a major problem with
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diversity of his voter base, suburban voters may be afraid of terrorism but are also afraid of what donald trump will do, he has proven himself consistently to be a mercurial sort of figure. they have their finger on the button. >> a talking point out of luke's agenda for the day. some people, this is why she should be scared, some people looking at what we are facing and saying it is that bad that i'm going to take a chance on someone who may -- some people think is a little crazy, maybe in crazy times crazy is good. sit tight. i think a lot of people are thinking that. things have gotten so bad they are saying i will roll the dice. if nothing else this guy will change it and they want to
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change. hillary clinton met with eight law enforcement officers including retiring new york city police commissioner. her aides say this meeting has been on the books for several weeks but it is one day after donald trump also had a similar meeting with law enforcement expert on the heels of saying this. >> just like hillary clinton is against the minors, she is against the police. believe me. trish: donald trump emerges as the law and order candidate, hillary clinton is getting a little worried? jennifer griffin is in new york city with more on the meeting. >> it is clear from talking to the campaign they want to present hillary clinton as a law and order candidate so donald trump cannot own that moniker himself. ever since the police shooting we saw the campaign navigate a
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difficult road of supporting the black lives matter, and had those family members with police officers who have been shot and killed to balance out those who lost their children to police shootings. here is what hillary clinton said moments below. >> those supporting the narrative. >> supporting our police officers, go hand-in-hand with everyone is safer when there is respect for the law, and everyone respected by the law. >> clinton is meeting at the john j college with eight top police chiefs across the country, this is the campaign's attempt to position itself as antidote to donald trump and his attempt to brand himself the only law and order candidate. among those she is meeting with today's new york's police
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commissioner bill bratton who is set to retire soon. here's what donald trump said about clinton in milwaukee this week where he spoke about problems underlying urban police shootings. >> those peddling the narrative of cops is a racist force in our society, a narrative supported with a nod by my opponent, shared directly in the response ability for the unrest in milwaukee and many other places within our country. they have fostered dangerous anti-police activist fear in america. >> we expect to hear from new york police commissioner bill bratton as he exits the meeting at john jay college. he has said recently that he supports clinton over trump. he said a trump presidency scares him because of his shoot
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from the hip style. trish: at that meeting hillary will likely have to explain why she refused to seek the endorsement of the national fraternal order of police. why didn't she? >> because obviously they are going for donald trump. it the end of the day we have to have -- best way to honor our police men and women is by fighting to make sure policeing across the country is better and policeing can't be better when black men and women are disproportionally killed by police officers. trish: that is not the case to. it has been disproven a couple weeks ago by an epic and american professor at harvard who thought it was the case, and it is disproportionally killed, and it is a narrative. from the left right now, it is
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tragic, you think how far we have come since the 1960s, and where has it started? >> there was a democratic party with policies and division of demographics. she knows if black voters don't turn out for donald trump will become the next president of the united states. what president is what donald trump is an is make it more about policies. hillary clinton runs on policies and results, she is dead in the water because of what happened in the last eight years. that keeps us on personality and to basically say trump is a hothead, sociopath. if he can shape that narrative a lot of people will see what is going on. back to what we talked about earlier a lot of suburban voters, trump basically said they cast the cops as criminals, this worries a lot of affluent
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voters, if their neighborhoods aren't safe they don't care about much else. trish: you are shaking your head no. what do you take issue with? >> this past week we saw a story out of florida where a white frat boy murders his neighbors, eating one of their faces, a police officer tased him and taken without killing him. that doesn't happen often enough for black men and women. trish: that is not when you were shaking your head. you are shaking her head when he said this is an election being painted as evil and crazy versus sanity, mrs. clinton. i think that is how this election, that he is dangerous, unfit to be president because it
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is a line they think works. if you talk about policy, the things that are needed to improve these communities like milwaukee, chicago, she is in trouble. >> hillary clinton doesn't have to work hard to make donald trump seem crazy. is doing a very good job on his own every single day and at the end of the day, that is how people make the choices in this election. they are listening and actually hearing what donald trump is saying and that disturbs them. trish: we shall see. good to see you guys. donald from meeting with law enforcement expert says he emerges as the law and order candidate. peter king was at the meeting and he is here now with us and we'll talk about it, what everybody said, what advice he has for the donald. peter king after this. [ clock ticking ]
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xfinity. the future of awesome. trish: donald trump receiving his first classified intelligence briefing from career services, many of whom trump says he won't retain if elected and he doesn't necessarily trust everything they are telling him in part because we have learned recently that some of the intelligence provided to the administration was effectively tainted by rose-colored glasses. it was expected to cover major threats and emerging concerns around the world and before the brief the republican nominee sat with national security official at trump tower and for more surveillance, more information sharing to fight terrorism. one of those advisors is new york advisor peter king of the homeland security committee and
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he joined me now. good to see you, congressman. tell us about the meeting. what questions did he have? what advice was given to him? >> he wants to be clear on the best way to defeat isis overseas, how to combat it at home and the issue of law and order, he was very much on target, rudy giuliani moderated the meeting but donald trump ran it and it is clear he wants to win the war against isis, do whatever has to be done, isis and al qaeda, and comey is 100% behind the police which is different from hillary clinton. trish: we were talking about how she refused to seek the police union's endorsement, they offer the opportunity and she said i will pass on that and that may
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have been politically motivated because she didn't want to do anything to alienate african american base but back to this meeting, what kind of questions did he have? >> for instance, what is the extent of surveillance that should be carried out? various experts, the for me at that -- former attorney general prosecuted the first world trade center case, rudy giuliani, general flynn, what can be done here at home but also overseas? how clear should we be saying this is a war? it really is a war. the american people are tired of 15 years not getting the end result where you have president obama doing one thing, saying something else, not following through, being apologetic for the united states, guantánamo,
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releasing prisoners from guantánamo. he wants to know the most effective and direct way we can kill the terrorists before they kill us and let the american people know it is not going to be business as usual. he will be all out to do what has to be done. trish: are you surprised that hillary clinton? you remember when she was a senator from new york and she seemed more hawkish than she does now. is that what she does to get elected in new york? has she changed? >> she has. in the administration when she was secretary of state, there was the oppression in the administration, secretary clinton was the one with tougher measures but once the campaign got going and bernie sanders started coming at her from the left she changed dramatically and drastically and i lost confidence there because you can adjust your position somewhat
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whether it is on taxes or spending, there is room for compromise, room for nuance, when you talk about defending the united states, killing the enemy, what measures have to be taken, she has backed away where she was as secretary of state. makes you wonder what does she really believe? there should be no room for doubt when talking about national security. trish: it is good to see you as always. we have new developments to tell you about in that secret $400 million cash payment the was made to iran. the wall street journal. told you about it in today's paper and right here on "the intelligence report," we talk to one of the hostages who told me he was stuck waiting, he couldn't leave iran until he ran had secured money. now the wall street journal saying yes, the timing is indeed as suspicious as everyone thought.
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trish: the wall street journal confirming the us way to deliver a cash payment to iran until american hostages were freed. you had a cargo plane secretly carrying $400 million worth of foreign currency that was waited in geneva until receiving information american prisoners took off safely on a separate plane from tehran. one of the hostages told me right here on "the intelligence report" exclusively that he was kept waiting for some other plane. he never understood what it meant at the time. >> are you going to be there for 20 minutes? it took hours and hours and when i asked why you don't let us go,
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everyone was ready, and the plane doesn't come. trish: $400 million couldn't make itself to iran until the plane with the hostages took off. yet the administration insists -- strategic analyst, author of the damned of petersburg, lieutenant colonel ralph peters, good to see you. >> of course it was random. >> president obama or cases like this telling an outright lie. it may be more complicated because we underestimate the human capacity and all of us for illusion. seriously.
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maria: he believes his own lies? >> i think he does on some level. you have seen this too. the best educated people, academics for instance are the ones who are able to create a fantasy world where it is more benign place than it is, sometimes all politicians lie but president obama has created a fantasy in which he is a successful foreign-policy president. trish: is he that lacking in self inspection that he doesn't see what everyone else sees? the administration keeps insisting this wasn't random and yet you heard from one of the hostages, seen the wall street journal's phenomenal reporting on this, and if nothing else, why time it that way? everyone will assume it was random. >> it was ransom.
2:30 pm
my point, we have a president who is divorced from the reality the rest of us live in and even if it wasn't ransom, what matters isn't what we think but what our enemies think at hostagetakers thing and that is a really good deal, grab and american, $100 million. trish: you are worried about more kidnappings? >> not just worried but it will happen. the iranians are charging other iranian americans, two they are holding, and not just iran. it does appear, irani and give hostages back. others might take the money and kill them anyway. the ransom deal goes back to the media did not sufficiently explore deep rumors from the
2:31 pm
military that we paid a ransom for bowe bergdahl in addition to releasing six gitmo detainees so this is an administration that does fundamentally violate our constitution, violate our security interests, but circle back and say they convince themselves they are doing the right thing. trish: does their need to be an investigation into this? should the president and secretary carrie be held accountable if has many believe they engaged in a process that included ransom which is against our policy? >> should be yes, will be no. we saw with mrs. clinton and the emails there are two sets of laws. trish: this is exactly why people are so frustrated with politics is normal. there is no accountability. you get to do whatever you want. >> if you have the right
2:32 pm
connections. trish: thank you so much, good to see you. hillary clinton blasting donald trump's plan to get rid of the death x saying it will only help the wealthy. but guess what? the wealthy already avoid this thing by hiring the best lawyers and accountants. a little guy hoping to pass on the family farm because government believes because you die you get a second shot at money, they already text you at least once. my goodness, we are going to debate this next. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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>> hillary clinton taking aim at donald trump's proposal to eliminate the death tax saying it will only benefit the wealthy. take a listen. >> if you believe donald trump is as wealthy as he claims, we can't say that for sure but let's assume it, he would, by eliminating the estate tax, save the trump family $4 billion and do absolutely nothing for 99.8% of all americans. trish: is that true? donald trump can probably afford some good lawyers and accountants to legally get around the tax if he wants to. where does this leave the little guy or anyone in between? we are talking middle-class farmer for example who wants to
2:37 pm
leave the family farm. and his kids and grandkids and small business owner, his or whole life, joining the right now political analyst ellis and i can along with americans for tax reform grover norquist. a lot of issues with this, the double taxation takes place here. let's think about the small business owner in rural america that has already paid taxes on his or her income, wants -- may be losing grover there, wants to give his or her savings to his or her family and is going to get taxed again. how do you defend them? >> congress has had so many
2:38 pm
loopholes and tax breaks that resulted in the top of our society controlling a larger and larger part of the wealth. god didn't do that, superrich people did not get smarter or work harder, the tax-cut did. we got to do some things to -- trish: not giving middle-class folks a chance with this because the wealthy will still figure a way out of this particular tax. >> there are many honest things. hillary clinton, why doesn't she pay her fair share? >> anyone with that kind of money are to pay their fair share. trish: why doesn't hillary? why don't they? why don't they voluntarily pay more since they keep saying we got to pay their fair share? why don't they? could they personally choose to do that?
2:39 pm
>> hillary not only chooses not to pay more income tax as she could, there is a line. if you feel you should pay more taxes because you have hundreds of millions of dollars like the cltons you cld add money to it if you lived in arkansas, there is a state, i want to pay more in taxes, massachusetts, number of other states, liberals don't do that. there is a good investigative journalism article by bloomberg which went through how the clintons organize their lives around reducing their death taxes because they have smart lawyers, they don't work to get higher taxes, forget the clintons and kennedys, the average person earns money, the government takes some of it, if they invest in the company corporate income tax its propertycompany, sales taxes on everything, if
2:40 pm
you get capital gain the government takes on, they are stupid enough to die the government to take 40%. hillary clinton says she wants to protect some people but a chance to save the first $3.5 million in tax-free she voted against it. the first $5 million she voted against it, she consistently voted to raise taxes on other people and if you want to talk about low income people she endorsed a soda pop tax in philadelphia on the poorest people in the country and a wage tax on anyone less than $113,000. she got the middle class in her targets and organizes her own money and bill clinton's money, not just -- trish: i hear you but a lot of folks on the left, yourself
2:41 pm
included want people to believe something else. what you just heard from grover is the reality. hillary clinton can avoid but the majority of americans will not -- they will be penalized. >> nothing to do with the majority of americans. exactly the opposite, they need the top 2% of americans who use these crazy loopholes often to weasel their way out of these. why don't you and grover join me in closing the loophole? make sure super wealthy pay their fair share? get rid of those loopholes? trish: corrupted this argument. >> among other things polls over the last 40 years showed 70% of americans want the death tax gotten rid of. the idea this is only of interest to a small percentage of people -- 70% -- trish: saying americans don't want -- >> questions whether you think
2:42 pm
the death tax should be repealed consistently been 70% want to get rid of it because they think it is unfair. the idea you are unfair only to a few percentage of the people is not of interest, people don't like unfairness. trish: people want prosperity. that is who we are, in our dna is americans. they want the chance for themselves. i want breaking news, the state department announcing results of its own investigation into a scandal involving redacted video from a state department news briefing. the state department has acknowledged it intentionally deleted video from a 2013 press briefing where a spokeswoman answering a question by our very own james rosen about discrepancies over the iran nuclear deal team to acknowledge misleading the press over the
2:43 pm
deal. john kirby said the investigation was inconclusive. >> here is the bottom line. we are confident the video was deliberately edited. the white flash many of you noticed in that portion of the video is evidence enough of human involvement. the technician came forward, recalled making the edit and inserting the flash. what we were not able to determine was why the edit was made in the first place was no evidence to suggest it was made with the intent to conceal information from the public. the technician recalled receiving a phone call requesting no evidence to indicate who might have placed that call or why. throughout this process, additional information could call into question any suggestion of nefarious activity. trish: wow. so they deliberately edited that press conference but they claim
2:44 pm
they can't figure out who made the phone call to make sure it was deliberately edited. right back to what colonel peters said earlier, how do you trust the government when this stuff is going on? these kind of shenanigans and there is no account ability. more on it right after this.
2:45 pm
trish: check the markets, a little bit of a down day near the flatline, the dow trading in
2:46 pm
negative territory, s&p trading in positive territory. oil closing at $48.22, sounds good, $40.22, crude seeing its longest stretch of her hope that opec is going to freeze production, walmart posting better-than-expected earnings with an increase of customers and unlike its competitors the world's biggest retailer raising guidance for the rest of the year. we are waiting on a news conference happening in brazil about the allegations made that those us swimmers made up the story about being robbed at gunpoint. we bring that as soon as it comes in.
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trish: you heard the report we gave about the state department saying in fact it had actually deleted a portion of the news press conference from 2013, deleted a questions and answer posed by james rosen and they don't know who call for this deletion but a lot of red flags going up. meanwhile we are waiting on two press conferences about to happen any minute from now.
2:49 pm
one in louisiana. we anticipate johnson will come forward and speak about the tragedy there and make sure fema is able to do all it can, tens of thousands of people have been displaced as a result of those floods. you have a press conference about to happen in brazil. american swimmers were held at gunpoint in rio, and authorities in brazil disputing that story. more information on that momentarily. a lot of concern about hillary clinton still under fire amid news notes the fbi took in an interview about a classified email, revealed to the house committee, i spoke exclusively with jason chafe it's about this, guest hosting the kelly file.
2:50 pm
>> this material, apparently all according to her was so fine that she could email it around, so why now is it so supersecret? >> the clinton campaign would seem to let the public know it is only just a few and it is not that bad but the sensitivity of the material is such that i as chairman of the oversight committee, chief investigated body, don't have the proper security clearance as a member of congress to look at this. >> one would think there was some secret stuff that got emails. we will take a break and be back with more. ♪
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trish: we are awaiting johnson in louisiana, his podium set up and ready to go in baton rouge. officials trying to speed up assistance to flood stricken louisiana after 13 people died and we have seen historic and deadly flooding event in louisiana. liz mcdonald has more, we see these pictures, keeps taking me back to that horrible hurricane in new orleans. i spent 6 weeks covering hurricane katrina, you spent some time as well and one of the big frustrations was the cleanup afterwards and the inability of fema to get out of its own way. >> you remember the cleanup after katrina. the rubble was 6 stories high in some areas. people are trying to ballpark
2:55 pm
the economic damage. it is always striking, you have seen this too, the pictures -- >> you can see this -- >> what is striking is the percentage of people who don't have flood insurance, one of 5 or one of four have flood insurance, 75%, 80% don't have flood insurance, likely because many of them cannot afford it. trish: there are two ways to look at it in terms of individuals, people affected and insurance companies. of the majority be able don't have insurance and the insurance companies may be off the hook to a certain extent, taxpayers in the way of fema will foot some part of the bill. >> look at that number. that shows you one out of four, only one out of four have flood
2:56 pm
insurance. trish: is it so hard to get? liz: these people many of them can't afford it. what does fema provide after $33,000 per individual in grant money? not enough to fix a house so what we are looking at is 44,000 people in this area alone, devastating loss of life, 13 people dead. >> really tough when you see these kinds of natural disasters and you hope people can recover from it as soon as they can but a big part of that is fema and their ability to get money out to people as quickly as possible and if katrina is an indication how the government works it is not encouraging. another story we are following for all of you right now in rio. they are holding a press
2:57 pm
conference about those swimmers who said they were held at gunpoint. i assume this is in portuguese. >> we can try -- trish: it is in english. let's listen in. >> provide translation, we can try to help you afterwards if you do not speak english. name and rank. chief of the civil police. a police chief, chief of the police station to support tourists. we want to thank the people who provided this face, to try to accommodate you because we were unable to accommodate so many people so thank you for providing this space. the idea is to briefly explain
2:58 pm
chronologically the events, to tr speak from everything we know, of the fact until today. some of this information we will not be able to supply because the work is not completed. our investigation has not ended, the work is not completed so it is possible we will not be able to supply all the information but we will provide all the information we are permitted to disseminate at the moment. at the end, i will give a brief explanation to summarize, doctor braga will make his comments in greater details and after that we will try to answer your questions. continuing the number of people here, i ask please that you
2:59 pm
organize your selves. >> translator: we're asking you, we ask for a list to be prepared. [inaudible conversations] >> translator: perhaps -- please then raise your hands be you have a question. please raise your hands. speak speaking tongue -- [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: facts are still occurring where we will do the most possible to try to answer your questions, but we should do so in an organized -- i can't keep the police chief here because they have other important business to take care of. so let's try to be as organized as possible. with that, let's go. the events began in a unique manner. the police became aware of the
3:00 pm
supposed robbery through social networks, through a post outside of brazil, and then the special unit for support of tourism began to do their work, you know and it's already been in the news, that police's work was made very difficult by the lack of information and the little information we were able to obtain from the supposed victims or other sources. but it was contradictory from the very beginning. dr. braga's team proceeded with their work, and we started getting, little by little, information which began to clarify how the facts, indeed, occurred. the first information that the police became aware of was of a driver who was driving two young women who were leaving an event, and he heard from these two


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